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Dating dirty texts kristiansand

dating dirty texts kristiansand

shares were subsidized by the West German government, Chancellor Helmut Schmidt's denials notwithstanding.16 Finally, in what is a clear indication that otrag's purpose and goals were not simply to contrive cheap satellite launch capability, Penthouse magazine ran an expose of the German company. It is worth noting that Nick Cook reports that Kammler had control of the Ju-390s as part of another SS Special Evacuation Command, which was the 106 If ever there was a reason for the Allied High Command to by-pass Berlin and head south. Farben in Germany to form Ethyl.m.b.H. The German pilots extensively photographed the region, and reported mountain ranges in excess of 12,000 feet altitude, rocky crags projecting above the fields of ice. Then, as the Nazi UFO Mythos emerged, astonishing and specific claims began to be advanced, again by the same circle of a few disenchanted postwar Nazi sympathizers, of astounding beam weapons, of Motorstoppmittel (Means to Stop Motors a device that resembles modern electromagnetic pulse weapons. The expedition is the subject of a fascinating novel by William Dietrich called Ice Reich (Time Warner, 1998). 133 since it aimed at the production not of energy, but of radioactive isotopes. 209 accommodation, otherwise they would be unproductive. The second part of the document is entitled " Technical Evaluation (Preliminary)." Here it will be necessary to cite this part of the document in fall, including once again the blacked out portions, in order to exhibit the fall extent of the contradictory nature. Only three countries are immediately represented in the previous discussion. Congressional investigations after the war showed that United Steel had supplied.8 percent of the pig iron in Nazi Germany and likewise was a major supplier of all other ferrous based metal products needed by Hitler's war machine. There would have been no records of such an understanding,67 it would have been arrived at in oral discussions, and "worked into" the otherwise reliable information contained in its classified reports. Few of the scientists and engineers Schauberger collected for his project understood what he was trying to construct. In any case, the existence of actual "protostealth" schnorkel devices on late war German U-boats attests to the success of some of these experiments. According to Dornberger, Kammler's mental and emotional state had quickly deteriorated in the final days of the war, and the general overheard Kammler ordering his aide to shoot him if things became " hopeless." 21 But this does not square with Dornberger's close associate,.

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He hired Nazi German crews for Standard Oil tankers. We do not know. But after the war it became evident that the world had avoided a colossal catastrophe by a hair's breath. The Auschwitz camp benefits from locally-abundant supplies of coal, which could be processed into aviation fuel. I nodded in agreement. As part of the contract, negotiated for an American stay of three months, it was agreed that "Walter Schauberger, a physicist and mathematician, was to accompany his father and would be expected to stay for a year in order to assist in the scientific interpretation. It was Manhattan project chief General Leslie Groves who, in fact, revealed in his 1962 book about the bomb, Now It Can Be Told, that the German scientists' conversations had been recorded by the British. Harald FSth, Geheime Kommandosache- S III Jonastal und die Siegeswaffenprodiktion: Weitere Spurensuche nach Thuringens Manhattan Project,. He had been instructed to write them in his own words, without regard to attempt to use "proper" scientific terminology. Farben, and missing papers, once again.

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Sex kontakt bergen henriette bruusgaard naken Second, while the technologies and their unusual combinations of them suggested by these two documents are not sufficiently advanced to argue persuasively for the ET explanation, they are sufficiently advanced enough to conclude that they constituted a significant national security threat and issue. The answer I believe, lies in some peculiarities of the Majic-12 documents themselves. The Admiral further explained that. 153 Chapter 10: gateway TO THE black SUN: conclusions TO part ONE "So it is that proof of an arrangement between Martin Bormann and the United States, if there was one, does not appear to exist.
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Tantrisk massasje stavanger massasje sex An actual atom bomb? However, this entity, as we shall subsequently see, was responsible for a great deal more than that. In any case, it appears that one such serious program was at least nominally being coordinated by the Deutsche Reichspost under its sex vidior sexy damer uten klær chief,. To generalize on the basis of all these reports: I am convinced that the most important technical advance in the present great war is in the realization of the atom-splitting bomb. Most transfers occurred via U-boats or Japanese submarines, though both Germany and Italy undertook.


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Final thoughts Beam weapon spotted in the South Pole in 1966 m/watch? 94 bombers on the Oslo field to Kammler as well. This fact is adequately appreciated by Mayer and Mehner, Das Geheimnis,. Bush placed his father's ill-made fortune into a blind trust fund, which today still makes up a large part of the Bush estate. This would also explain another curiosity in the Japanese military attaché's statement: the Germans apparently did not deploy weapons of mass destruction against cities, but only against military targets that would have been within the range of such weapons. 97 overcome all fusing problems and fissile material shortages in a mere two months after the German surrender. The inability of the German scientists from Fort Bliss and White Sands Proving Ground to make a positive identification of a secret German V weapon out of these discs. Of course, Einstein was more worried about the Germans using such a method of ship-born delivery, than the Japanese. 135 " technology tree" from the atom bomb, just as it was for the Americans and Russians after the war. And notably, all normal constraints or orthodox conceptual or moral paradigm were laid aside. And this in turn magnified their fears about the possible motivations behind the sudden American interest in their "implosion" concepts. October 28, 1942 : The us government issues orders seizing two Nazi front organizations run by UBC ; the Holland-American Trading Corporation and the Seamless Steel Equipment Corporation, both of which are under Prescott Bush 's management. Farish of Standard Oil of New Jersey. We listened to the reports on the radio with a kind of breathlessness and anxiety. These reports received separately are surprisingly uniform as to content. Helfferich told Allied interrogators after the war that these were not his personal contributions - they were corporate Standard Oil funds. But one thing does stand out, and that is the date of July 2, 1944, the same month as the attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler in the - very aptly named - " Bomb Plot" approximately two weeks later. And thus 165 According to an article in Popular Astronomy in June 1946, entitled "German Astronomy During the War "They considered it helpful to locate the British fleet, because the curvature of the earth would not obstruct observation. Surely the Japanese, who had been raining bombs all over China, Indochina, Burma, and the Pacific knew how to fuse a conventional bomb. Wrote about it in the Atlanta Constitution following his discharge.6 Snell's source for the allegation was a Japanese officer returning to Japan. It should be noted that, as of the mid-1970s, several of the Germans involved in the corporate development of centrifuge enrichment facilities for the Federal Republic (West Germany) had ties to the Third Reich's bomb project, among them Prof. But there is good reason not to dismiss even the " continued research" allegation too quickly, for it conforms to a well-known pattern of secret post-war West German corporate and military research on the continent on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, Africa. Byrnes got in on the act, writing a memorandum to President Franklin. Thus massasje skøyen chat.eros we are also afforded a speculative answer to the all-important question: If the Germans had the bomb, why didn't they use it? Sixty railway carriages were needed to transport the parts of the monster. And now another curious feature should be evident.

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